About me

I was born in 1976 with a lower spinal cord defect. Between the age of 29 and 35 physical inactivity lead to huge overweight that at the top, brought me to a maximum weight that was somewhere around 145kg. Meeting the right people at the right time at the end of 2013 lead to a lifechange wich resulted in what I call my Edition 2.0 of a steady 85kg with a totally new physical and mental lifestyle.

At the moment I reached my target weight,  I played with the idea of finishing a marathon by armpower. It was sort of on my bucketlist. Just because I tought I could, and to mark the new me. For once, just for the challenge. But that ment to be once in a lifetime challenge brought me to a life of handcycling. And now at the start of 2019 I am getting ready for many more marathons. And still there is só much more to come!